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re: Raid rules - Mythic raiding


Raid rules


Raids are fun, they do however require a certain degree of discipline as our aims are high.

To some, the rules below may sound harsh but they are required to successfully progress into heroic and mythic content. 

If you want to be a raider in Tre Lowen you have to accept and follow these, make sure you know all this by heart!


Signing for raids


We use the sign-up tool on the website for creating and managing progression raids. 

Signing up for a raid is treated like a contract that simply should be met. 

That said, there are situations in real life of course, we do understand and take that into consideration.


- Raiders have to attend 3 out of 3 raids a week. There might be an optional 4th day which does not count towards attendance.


- Signing up should be done as soon as possible, with a deadline of 12 hours before the raid. If you will not attend, please cancel.


- If you are uncertain that you will be on time, use notes to pass information to raid leaders, additionally you can /w them in-game aswell, just in case.


- Cancelling attendance requires an explanation, use notes in rapid raid and/or whisper an officer or raid leader in advance to pass information, or use the forum.


- If you will be unavailable for raids for a period of time due to holidays, busy IRL or whatsoever, use the "Absences" post in the raider forum. If you for whatever reason "just" disappear (AKA abandon the team) you will be re-trialed and your EPGP standings will be adapted. See the trial section for details on trial membership.






Every raid, Raid Leaders try to pick a few people to be a backup if needed. Maybe not the most glorious job in the world, but still, a very important one. 


- Standby members are obliged to be reachable and ready to jump in.


- Each standby member receives the same amount of EP reward as raiders do.


- We don’t ask to simply stand there for 3 hours, in front of a raid entrance, but.. there. 

  On Discord, real-ID, or on an alt, at your keyboard, ready to answer the call if needed!


- If a situation occurs that doesn't allow you to stay online, contact a raid leader or an officer and inform them.



Raid draft, preparation and general raid rules 



- Raid leaders usually pick the team a day before the next raid. Sometimes it can be later if the raid setup is inappropriate.


- Raid invites start 15 minutes prior to the raid itself.


- Reagents, bonus-roll tokens, flasks, food, runes and potions should be prepared before the raid, bring enough for the entire run.


- check if you're equipped with proper gear, glyphs, talents, addons, (max lvl) gems and enchants. Repair your gear too, asking for a Jeeves after 1 death is kinda silly.


- Know boss tactics in advance. Don’t just rely on raid leaders' explanations and calls only! 

  You can read journals or watch some videos beforehand to grab the basics.


- Never pug mythic raids if you are a raider, unless current content for the week has been cleared out. 


- There is always a designated raid leader. The raid leader makes the final calls. When he/she speaks everyone listens. Also don't over-actively whisper raid leaders during raids.


- Discord is a tool for communication, not chatter during fights or explanation of tactics.


- Input on new tactics and observations are welcomed during preparation for encounters, don't be shy but don't interrupt.


- When a raid leader calls for a wipe, everyone dies as fast they can. Answer a raidleader's call to either wait for a mass-res, or release. Make sure you are ready for the next pull asap.


- Using combat resurrection, heroism and other raid wide limited abilities are done only on raid leaders' calls, never by yourself.


- Break time is set by a raid leader, usually 10 to 15 minutes, be back on time.


- Never go AFK without asking the raid leader. Emergencies can happen of course. Do let us know.


- Wiping can be frustrating but always keep your anger in check. We value a good atmosphere.


- Don’t argue if you have a problem with someone. Leave it untill after the raid or during the break if cannot wait. 

  And simply poke an officer or raid-leader and leave coming up with a solution to them, without any rant over Discord or raid chat.


- Leaving a raid in rage is subject to severe penalties, up to guildkick. We raid as team. if you don’t understand that, Tre Lowen is not the place for you.


- Sometimes a fight requires some switching for proper balance or performance. The team's interest outweighs personal needs. 


- Be able to take constructive criticism.




Addons and TeamSpeak3


- EPGP dkp reloaded and EPGP lootmaster – tools we use for tracking and distribution of loot. If you want to receive any, make sure you got it.


- Omen – threat is not a big issue these days but it can still be handy to remember how to use it.


- Discord - Voice communication. Please make sure you have no background noise, static, echoes etc. Details are in guild info, in-game.


- A working microphone.


Rewards and penalties


Extra rewards and penalties are optional and used by RL's call if deemed needed.


Showing late + 500 GP

No-show + 2000 GP

Late cancel  + 1000 GP


Rewards and penalties apply to standby.


Non-active players will have EPGP standings adapted on a monthly base, cutting a percentage off priority.


Not meeting attendance without valid reasons (known to officers) will lead to re-trial or guildkick. 

We evaluate every month. 


Loot distribution


EPGP = Effort Points, Gear Points.

Every time you raid you get EP, every time you loot you get GP. To determine who gets items at boss kills, the system divides those points: EP/GP = PR. 

PR is Priority. The person with the highest priority wins the bid for an item.


In rare situations, like the beginning of a new tier, the GM can place additional rules to EPGP loot system, setting new priorities, like for example healers and tanks. 

This will make them eligible to receive loot regardless of EPGP and PR. Mostly it has only been done on token drops, but there have been situations where it has been expanded. 

These rare and short moments outweigh personal needs, raiding is a team effort after all.


Overall, the GM and officers hold the power to overrule any loot-distribution rules for the good of the guild and the raidteam.


Kind regards,


Tre Lowen HQ


Guild rules

Trial Membership

Teamspeak and raids

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