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re: App: Kezney

The application submitted by Kezney is as follows:

Name : Kezney
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Ravencrest
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Monk
Spec 1 : Brewmaster
Spec 2 : Windwalker

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

About you

What is your real name?:

What is your age?:

Where do you live?:

Is this a Mythic raider, or a social application?:

About your main character


Main spec:

Melee dps

Your history

Play history (guild, realms, etc.):
Started playing on Shadowsong in vanilla but stopped playing late TBC. Came back mid-cata and been playing actively since then.
During MoP time i was only doing PvP (casually 2.2k or so) but started raiding in WoD with clearing heroic only in HM/BRF and ended up to 10/13M HFC.
in Legion he lacked players so we dident get the chance of doing any serious mythic progression in legion (came to 4/7M EN and thats aboout it)

Reasons for leaving previous guilds:
been staying in Condemned since mid-BRF but with lack of leadership and people stopped playing, i`m looking for a new home:)

Computer stuff

Do you have an authenticator? Have you ever gotten hacked?:
nope and never.

Please list the most relevant information about your computer (think CPU, RAM, GFX Card, etc).:
I7-4770k - GTX 970 - 16G ram - MS-7917 motherboard - W10

Raiding, gear and spec (only needed for raider applications)

Previous WoW raid experience (please list your experience, and the character(s) you experienced it on):
910 WW with 52traits
905-912 BRM with 52 traits (depending on gear/encounter)
905-910 MW with 52 traits (depending on gear/encounter)

Please post a screenshot of your UI, preferably during a raid. You can use a website like to upload one and copy/paste the link here.:

Please post a link to any sort of World of Logs, wow-meter, etc, report that we can judge your performance from.:

Please explain your choice of talents.:
EotT: free heal and since we are global capped, we cant really afford to take anything else in that row
BoB: Just no brainer in that tier
Special delivery just outperforms anything else in that row (untill the patch hits, then RJW might pull ahead.
BOC: gives the most versatile option here. you can increase dps and defensive with this talent. take high tolerance for extra defensive Happy
Chiwave for free hit combo/mastery-failiure-preventer Happy
Energizing elixir: gives most Chi/energy per min and sets up good bursts moments
Hitcombo gives best dmg overall but Xuen pulls ahead in certain X min fights.
WDP for AoE | Serenity for Singeltarget

i would list up MW but couldnt be arsed xD

Tell us some more about your offspec in terms of gear and experience.:
i can perform 90+ on all specs (granted healing rankings are about hard to get since all it depends on is how much dmg the group takes)

What rotation/priority list are you using, and why?:
using whatever prioritylist is top notch.

Do you have any alts that may help us get more insight in your raiding experience? If so, list them here and elaborate, please.:
dont really play alts besides a pleb 900 Blood dk (Kenzey-Ravencrest)

Our raiding nights are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 20:15 - 23:30 server time. Will you be able to attend on these days?:

Are there any periods of time in the upcoming future that you can see affecting your capability of meeting the required sign ups we expect of our core raiders?:

We use Discord to communicate with each other during raids, do you have any issue with also using this software to listen and/or speak during raiding times?:
nope, currently speaking on discord as im writing this.

Do you have a mic? And are you able to vocally communicate on Discord during raid time?:
see above ^^

Which addons do you use specifically for raiding, and why?:
Elvui - Weak aura - BW is just a must for me in raiding.
Elvui for overhaul of that ugly blizz UI
Weak aura for tracking everythign that is important
BW for..doh! tracking boss abilities ^^

Are you a clicker (do you use the mouse to activate your spells, or the keyboard)?:
heeeelll noo! i want more stuff to keybind! >:C

Final questions

Why do you want to join Tre Lowen, and why should we accept you?:
dont really have any specific reason why i should join.
Bonnie is in your guild so figured it might be a good guild for starters ^^

What are your in-game goals except character-development?:
1:Have fun
2:enjoy and clear raiding content
3:be happy<3

Members in Tre Lowen that you know:

Any additional comments that you would like to add:
would like to speak with one of you before we do any serious realm transfer and whatnot :)

Confirm that you understand and agree to everything:
"Confirm that you understand and agree to everything"-Check!


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re: APPROVED - App: Kezney - by Rorz23




Welcome to the guild, speak to an officer in game to get an invite.


(Matiks, Integro, Jero, Rorze)

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