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re: App: MadHunt

The application submitted by MadHunt is as follows:

Name : Stonefoot
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Arathor
Level : 95
Gender : Male
Faction : Alliance
Race : Dwarf
Class : Hunter
Spec 1 : Survival
Spec 2 : Hybrid

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

About you

What is your real name?:
Mads Zanchetta Bertelsen

What is your age?:

Where do you live?:

Is this a Mythic raider, or a social application?:
Raider application - Currently lvling tho

About your main character


Main spec:
Melee dps


Your history

Play history (guild, realms, etc.):
Been playing the game since BETA really, have done raiding all expansions really, but was a young boy back in the day so played on my dads account. Worth meantioning from current tiers is that I was 13/13M prev expa before pre-patch (Have achievement) - Current expa: 7/7M, 3/3HC, 4/10M, 8/9HC .. Been playing on Tarren Mill EU Horde and currently am on Ravencrest alliance with my monk "Putinof" - My main rogue is "Tricked - TwistingNether" which I have been raiding with this expansion primarily.

Reasons for leaving previous guilds:
Guild teams expanding.

Computer stuff

Do you have an authenticator? Have you ever gotten hacked?:
I have an authenticator yes (The old key version) - Nope, have been locked once for one trying to hack but haven't been hacked before.

Please list the most relevant information about your computer (think CPU, RAM, GFX Card, etc).:
970 GTX G-Force graficcard - 16 GB ram - i7 quadcore - MSI Motherboard - Etc.

Raiding, gear and spec (only needed for raider applications)

Previous WoW raid experience (please list your experience, and the character(s) you experienced it on):
Current expa: 7/7M, 3/3HC, 4/10M, 8/9HC (Tricked - Twisting Nether)
Prev tier 13/13M was my warrior "Phrank - TarrenMill"
And earlier clears are bound to my old mans account, which is currently not active.

Please post a link to any sort of World of Logs, wow-meter, etc, report that we can judge your performance from.:

Please explain your choice of talents.:
Surv Hunter:
Lvl 15 : Way of the Mok'Nathal (Due to insane increase in attack power - Easily maintained)
Lvl 30 : Mortal Wounds = Increased procs on Mongoose strike (High damage output)
Lvl 45 : Disengage - Most valuable mobility talent in my opinion.
Lvl 60 : Steel trap for single target - Caltrops for cleave fights.
Lvl 75 : Fight depended I'd say, but I like to use either Ranger's net og Sticky Bomb.
Lvl 90 : Serpent Sting - Strongest choice atm.
lvl 100: Spitting cobra for single (most fights rly) - But for heavy cleave I'd go with Expert Trapper

What rotation/priority list are you using, and why?: Personal good experience with this.

Do you have any alts that may help us get more insight in your raiding experience? If so, list them here and elaborate, please.:

Our raiding nights are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 20:15 - 23:30 server time. Will you be able to attend on these days?:

Are there any periods of time in the upcoming future that you can see affecting your capability of meeting the required sign ups we expect of our core raiders?:

We use Discord to communicate with each other during raids, do you have any issue with also using this software to listen and/or speak during raiding times?:
Nope, am used to this communication app.

Do you have a mic? And are you able to vocally communicate on Discord during raid time?:
I do - Am fine by talking and listening.

Which addons do you use specifically for raiding, and why?:
Exorsus raid tools - DBM - GTFO.

Pretty basic raid overview to make it easier for me to cope with tactics.

Are you a clicker (do you use the mouse to activate your spells, or the keyboard)?:
I use keybinds... Both on mouse and keyboard.

Final questions

Why do you want to join Tre Lowen, and why should we accept you?:
I would like to settle down again on my main legacy server on my old main (hunter) and raid once more after my previous raid team/teams have split up due to different discussions/arguements between officers etc.

What are your in-game goals except character-development?:
To clear content, but not going hardcore. To have a nice and fun environment with kind people around to enjoy the game.

Members in Tre Lowen that you know:

Any additional comments that you would like to add:
If you have any further questions, don't hesitate contacting me in-game. I might have forgotten something Happy

Confirm that you understand and agree to everything:


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re: APPROVED - App: MadHunt - by Jero|


You can level up and gear into tre lowen on social terms untill you think you are fit to start a trial.

Whisper me ingame (dnaa) for a invite.

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