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re: APPROVED - App: Meismini - by Jero|


Thank you for youre time to fill in a Application.

you are more than welcome to join in our quests for more legendaries :>


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re: App: Meismini

The application submitted by Meismini is as follows:

Name : Minii
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : EU - English - Arathor
Level : 110
Gender : Female
Faction : Alliance
Race : Human
Class : Warrior
Spec 1 : Protect
Spec 2 : Fury

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

About you

What is your real name?:

What is your age?:

Where do you live?:

Is this a raider, or a social application?:
Social, want to raid later on

About your main character


Main spec:
Melee dps


Your history

Play history (guild, realms, etc.):
Used to raid in a swedish guild during TBC and WOTLK on Dunemaul. I used to play Hunter and resto druid. Raided ICC with a danish/brittish guild on the same server. Quit in Cata. Lost my old account. Came back in legion and been playing since April.

Reasons for leaving previous guilds:
Guild was social and didnt want to raid every week. It was a silent guild. No one was talking or doing anything toghter.

Computer stuff

Do you have an authenticator? Have you ever gotten hacked?:
Yes, No

Raiding, gear and spec (only needed for raider applications)

Previous WoW raid experience (please list your experience, and the character(s) you experienced it on):
Hunter at 70 and 80. Played the specc that was best for the time. Restoration druid at 80.
Played all classes in legion but only raided with DK(Blood), Druid(Feral, Restoration)

Please post a screenshot of your UI, preferably during a raid. You can use a website like to upload one and copy/paste the link here.:

Please post a link to any sort of World of Logs, wow-meter, etc, report that we can judge your performance from.:

Please explain your choice of talents.:
i use what i prefer to and what makes me survive

Tell us some more about your offspec in terms of gear and experience.:
Havent put time in offspecc

What rotation/priority list are you using, and why?:
Whatever makes me survive and priorties survivability

Do you have any alts that may help us get more insight in your raiding experience? If so, list them here and elaborate, please.:

Our raiding nights are Wednesday and Sunday 20:15 - 23:30 server time. Will you be able to attend on these days?:

Are there any periods of time in the upcoming future that you can see affecting your capability of meeting the required sign ups we expect of our core raiders?:

We use Discord to communicate with each other during raids, do you have any issue with also using this software to listen and/or speak during raiding times?:

Do you have a mic? And are you able to vocally communicate on Discord during raid time?:
Yes, Yes

Which addons do you use specifically for raiding, and why?:
Weakauras, DBM

Are you a clicker (do you use the mouse to activate your spells, or the keyboard)?:

Final questions

Why do you want to join Tre Lowen, and why should we accept you?:
Í want to join because you seem like a nice guild and would be fun to join.

What are your in-game goals except character-development?:
Meeting new people and have fun and helping people

Are there any members in Tre Lowen that you already know?:

Any additional comments that you would like to add:
Shy, but a fun person

Confirm that you understand and agree to everything:

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